Our world is changing. The old model of leadership is obsolete. Now for an organization to truly excel in these times of change everyone – at every level – must show leadership and do their best work. Companies across every industry are facing complex organizational challenges that require the rapid development of new and agile leaders.

Giving your people the tools and skills to become self-leaders is crucial to the success of your organization.

We have designed this workshop based on the notion that everyone has the potential to become leaders in their chosen field of endeavor if given the exposure to concepts of leadership and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills through positive action.

We understand how important it is that every employee have the opportunity to learn the skills to help them achieve their full potential. Getting your people in the driver’s seat isn’t necessarily difficult, but you need the right training that focuses on developing the essential mindset of a self-leader.



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If your people don’t reach their full potential,
neither will your organization.


Individual contributors are pivotal to your organization’s success. Despite their essential role, individual contributors are often overlooked when it comes to training and development—and that can derail your organization’s performance and productivity. Your company’s bottom line depends on your front line

Immensely practical and hands-on, Everyday Leadership Workshop is designed to inspire, engage, and help participants develop the skills needed to meet whatever challenges lay ahead. With a plan of action in-hand for taking the key learnings from the workshop back to the workplace, leaders will be prepared to implement these new leadership principles back on the job.

When employees develop the right frame of mind and the right skills, they go from passenger, passively waiting for someone to steer them into action, to driver, proactively navigating to get what they need to thrive and contribute their best.

If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead others

We all have the potential for greatness within ourselves. Through proven strategies, Everyday Leadership workshop will empower you to become a person of positive influence

Empower yourself to lead

There are three pillars to leadership development – particularly with regard to organizational behavior:

Leading self is about reflecting on how character can be strengthened through crucibles, and by constantly testing oneself.

Leading others is about developing the necessary interpersonal skills to influence others.

Leading the Organization is about adjusting the levers of organizational design and development to make the system work most of the time

Program Benefits

  • Participants will learn tools and practices that help them increase their confidence, power and influencing skills.
  • Peak productivity tools to enhance individual performance
  • Participants will develop greater capacity and resilience to operate effectively in situations of complexity, conflict and turbulence
  • Participants who practice workshop principles will become more proactive, innovative and productive at work
  • Individual development plan and coaching for all participants

Topics Covered

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Points of Power
  • Peak Performance Strategies
  • Productivity Tools
  • Power to Influence
  • Personal Branding

Everyday Leadership workshop is a unique, intensive, and highly interactive experience that has served as a catalyst for profound leadership transformations in organizations of all sizes and in all industries