What do successful people all have in common? They don’t allow challenges and setbacks to hold them back; instead, they use these moments as opportunities to propel themselves forward. They are resilient and determined, and they bring that positive energy wherever they go.

In other words, they have emotional fitness.

The emotional fitness definition includes being resilient, positive and focused. It means you can change your mindset from angry, anxious or sad and instead focus on constructive emotions and tasks. Ultimately, you’re able to bounce right back and continue your journey even stronger than you were before.

Just as you need to exercise your body to make it as strong and resilient as it can be, you must exercise your mind to ensure it’s equipped to rebound from life’s endless obstacles.

Experts now acknowledge that emotional intelligence—the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions, yours and others’, in a positive and constructive way—is a greater predictor of success than IQ, education or experience. In this workshop, you will learn how to apply Emotional Intelligence skills for maximum effectiveness.

Emotional Fitness workshop will enable you to develop your awareness and practical strategies for enhancing your people skills, connecting with others, building trust and rapport, while managing yourself, and your relationships with others. You will be given the tools to enhance your ability to recognize and appropriately respond to both yours and others’ emotions

Workshop Benefits

Emotional Fitness is filled with practical advice, wisdom and skills to help you:

  • Recognize how your feelings, reactions and emotions—and those of others—affect your work relationships
  • Start choosing how you act—instead of responding automatically
  • Easily work with people with personalities and communication styles different from yours
  • Stay flexible and open in the face of change
  • Keep yourself and others from overreacting in emotionally charged situations
  • Anticipate problem situations and the underlying emotions and be prepare
  • Gain greater self-awareness of your strengths, development areas, emotional triggers
  • Grow in empathy and the ability to connect with others
  • Discover ways to increase stress tolerance