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About Sreejith Krishnan

Sreejith Krishnan is a life coach and a seasoned facilitator. He has educated, inspired and transformed thousands of people from different walks of life through his life changing personal growth workshops and seminars.

Sreejith has more than 16 years of industry experience in core HR functions. He has held senior positions in leading corporations and has managed different people development initiatives. His core expertise is in designing and conducting different behavioral-skills workshops. With an incredible knowledge on the topics and captivating presentation skills, his workshops give an indispensable experience, which brings out a lasting change in the attitude and lifestyles of participants. He is committed to provide you the best tools, strategies and resources to help you to take your life to the next level.


I love learning and sharing practical wisdom with others. I believe that before adding value to others, you have to add value to yourself.
In the last two decades I have explored and gained profound knowledge from books, tapes, inspirational teachers and other sources.
It’s my purpose and mission in life to educate, inspire and transform people by sharing strategies, tools and best resources available in this planet to make a meaningful difference.

Academic background

  • Post graduation in Management specialized in HR
  • Msc in Applied Psychology

Story Teller

In a world of information overload, noise and hype, stories can cut through the clutter, get the message across and influence people.

I love creating engaging content in the best possible format and sharing with as many people as possble

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I adore, respect and love facilitating workshops. More than work its my deepest passion in life.

In the last decade I got a privilege to make a positive impact in the lives of more than 10k participants from 14 different nationalities

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Change Maker

In my 16 years + experience in various corporates I had the privilege to make a positive impact in people, business and culture of the organization.

My Proud Associations

HGS Infosys RR Donnelley Canon Sony

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Life Coach

There is nothing fulfilling as seeing someone grow and shine with your support. Over the years I was fortunate to have meaningful conversations with few folks and helped them to unleash their potential and awesomeness.

My Credentials

Certified Happiness Coach by Berkley Institute of Well-being , California
Certified NLP Practitioner (ANLP International CC)
Certified Transactional Analysis Practitioner
Certified Situational Leadership II Facilitator


This is an area which I am really passionate about, I love learning and experimenting with alternate medicine and other mind-body healing techniques.

My Certifications

Emotional Freedom Technique


Pranic Healing


Laughter Yoga